ALL ABOUT ADSENSE: December 2012


Advertisers Support Adsense Reasons

Google is the most important search engine over the internet . It controls over 80% of Web searches , and with that it controls pay-per-click advertisements. PPC involves the advertiser paying a rate for each and every click through  in which the advertisers set . As their budget increases , their position increases , and as their position increases , they get more traffic .

This has lead to over 140 ,000 companies choosing to advertise with them , and they advertise in a number of ways . The first way is through is through appearing on Google searches , the second is through appearing on distributors websites , and the third is through appearing in distributors search results . As advertisers appear in Google searches , the question is sometimes asked . Why do they choose to advertise with distributors as well ?

One reason for this is scalability . Those who originally choose to advertise in search results and who were getting a ROI will decide at one point that they need to identify other advertising opportunities . With thousands of websites which have the capacity to display their adverts the advertisers can gain further exposure very quickly .

Another reason why advertisers choose to advertise in Google distributors websites is that it gains them further exposure . 60% of internet users do not use Google , so the advertiser can appeal to a wider audience through choosing to opt for distribution channels . Many website users may be looking to buy a product such as a phone , yet instead of coming across a website which sells such a product , they come across an article . If the article is on a website which contains Adsense then inevitably advertisers can use this channel to penetrate their audience .

Another reason why advertisers choose adsense is because they trust Google . The company is renowned for being an ethical company who are fun to work whilst providing free services to millions worldwide . Advertisers feel that money invested with Google is safe . Despite the evolution of click-fraud and its inevitable disadvantages for advertisers they appear to understand that this is an issue which Google wants to stop and hopefully will eventually . Advertisers are happy that Google admits a problem exits and provides refunds accordingly .

The trust in Google also stems from a trust in pricing . The pricing is set by market forces and therefore advertisers never feel that publishers or Google are overpricing the service . This means that as long as advertisers are able to advertise they will continue to do so , if not at the same rates .

Another strong advantage for advertisers is that they can appear where publishers promote their service . An example of this can seen if you consider a publisher who is discussing the benefits of new IT software . If a software retailer appears on the website then inevitably they will be the likely source from which the web surfer will purchase the product . If the surfer is not interested then you could argue that they would not click on the advert .

The service which Google provides has created an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to advertise . Although the issue of click fraud still plagues the service it is till widely regarded as the best . New businesses attempt to promote themselves on the web , whilst established brands alike choose to attract interest in their service using the same technique.

Google Adsense Report

The Google Adsense Report

Whenever you sign into your Google Adsense account , you are automatically taken to the web page where you can see all your Adsense activity . On the Reports tab , you’ll see “Today’s Earnings .” It is the approximate amount you have earned today in your Google Adsense account . Earnings are not final at this moment and could be adjusted for invalid clicks or fees .

It’s interesting to look at the breakdown . As you can see , Adsense for Content , which refers to the targeted ads appearing on the pages in which you have written content , is listed first . Here you will see the number of page impressions listed in the first column . While a page impression is generally the same as a page view , that is not always the case . For a more detailed definition of a page impression , see Google Adsense support , click on Your Adsense Account and then click on Your Adsense Report .

Next , you’ll notice the number of clicks . This refers to the number of times “your ads” were clicked on .

a) Page click through rate or CTR is in the next column shown as a percentage. It represents the percentage of the time an ad was clicked on after viewing your page .

b) Page eCPM which stands for effective cost per thousand impressions . It is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of page impressions in thousands .

Don’t be intimidated by these statistics . The bottom line , your earnings , is what really counts . As you become more familiar with Google Adsense , statistics will become like second nature . First , just start .

  • How is Google Adsense Different From Other Ad Networks ?

Primarily because it is Google and that carries a lot of cloud just with name recognition alone . But here are some advantages to being a part of the Google Adsense network. Getting started is fast and easy and requires no technical knowledge . Google Adsense even provides html code for easy implementation with clear instructions .Google Adsense has both the Adsense for Content feature and the Adsense for Search feature . Google Adsense not only provides keyword targeted ads but site targeted ads as well , maximizing your potential for revenue . Google Adsense provides a filter so that you can choose not to run your competitor’s ads on your pages as well as filter other unwanted ads .
Google Adsense provides an extensive support site that is easily understood.

How To Apply For Program And Important Info On Paying Taxes In Adsense

Trying to get a Google Adsense account is easy and quick for almost any interested webmaster . Following are quick steps for opening an google adsense account:

1) Just point your web browser to www .google .com/adsense or click on apply . 

2) Click on the drop down arrow under account type and select whether you’re an individual or business . 

3) If you’re not sure which one to choose , click on the question mark to the left . 

4) Next , select your country or territory .

5) Under website information , it asks for your primary URL . If you have your own website , list it here . If you are using a blogging site such as writingup .com or bloggingparty .com that URL goes here.

6) Select your website’s primary language : Google adsense supports Chinese ( simplified ) , Danish , Dutch , English , Finnish , French , German , Hungarian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , and Turkish .

7) Select the product you want on your pages . 

a)Adsense for Content means you will have advertising targeted to the content on your pages . For instance , if you write about flooring , you might have carpet ads on your page . 

b) Adsense for Search is for you to add a Google search box to your pages . To maximize your Google Adsense earnings , you will want to have both .

8)After that , it’s just the regular contact information and you’re all set . You should receive an email in 2 or 3 days letting you know if your application is approved .

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Google Adsense Earnings ?

Google Adsense is required to collect tax information from those who participate in the program . If you’re a business , you’ll need to put your EIN number on your application . If you’re an individual , all you’ll need is
your social security number . If you don’t have that information when you initially sign up , you can still apply for the Google Adsense program .

But be advised that Google Adsense will withhold payments to you until they receive your tax information . While Google does not withhold taxes or provide any tax advice , they will send you a 1099 once your earnings reach a certain amount . Of course , if you are a Non-US business and have no activity in the United States , you will not need to provide this information . For more tax information regarding the Google Adsense program , visit the Google Adsense Support website.

Why Need Pin Number For Google Adsense

The reason why Require Pin Number For Google Adsense
Whenever you earn $10 .00 in earnings , Google Adsense will mail you a Personal Identification Number to the payment address you supplied at the time you signed up . This is an additional security precaution that Google Adsense has in place to protect their publishers but it is important .
Once you’ve been mailed a PIN number , your account payments will be on hold until the PIN is entered in your account . You can still have access to your account and earn money ; you just won’t be paid until the PIN is entered . If it hasn’t been entered within 1 year , your account will be disabled .
To enter your PIN after you receive it in the mail , log into your Google Adsense account . Click on the My Account tab , then click on edit . Update the appropriate field and click submit changes . It would also be a good time to check your contact information and make sure it is correct .
You’re now well on your way to receiving your

How To Maximize Adsense Earning

Almost all web masters know that Adsense generates a sizeable source of extra advertising revenue . That is the reason a lot of them work with it to go after high paying keywords . They have with them the lists that tells what the keywords and phrases are and have already used various techniques of determining them . And yet , after putting up these types of supposed-to-be high paying keywords into their webpages , the money they required to come rolling in is not actually coming in .
What is it that they are doing incorrect ?
Having the webpages is with the proper keywords is one thing . But getting targeted traffic to those web pages is another issue or frequently the element that is lacking .
The thing is , to get site visitors to your high paying keyword web pages , you have to improve your website navigation .
Stop for a moment and think about how visitors are using your website . After a visitor has landed on a certain page , they have the tendency to click on another page that sounds interesting . They get there because of the other links that appears on a page that they initially landed on . This is site navigation . It is all about enabling visitors to move about your site . And one way of maximizing your Adsense earnings .
A typical website have menu links on each page . The wording on these links is what grabs a visitor’s attention and gets them to click on one of the links that will take them to another page of that website . Links that have “free’ or “download” are oftentimes good attention-grabbers .
This navigation logic can also be applied to driving traffic to your high paying pages . There are some websites that are getting a lot of traffic from search engines , but have low earnings . The trick is to try and use come cleverly labeled links to get the visitors off that pages and navigate them to the higher earning ones . This is one great way of turning real cheap clicks to real dollars .
Before you begin testing if this same style will work for you and you website , you need to have two things . Something to track and compare and some high earning pages you want to funnel your site traffic to . An option is to select a few of your frequently visited pages . This is ensuring fast result to come by .
Now , the next thing to do is think of ways to get visitors viewing a particular page to

Some Tips To Avoid Getting Adsense Account Banned

Google , being the indisputable leader in the search engines from then until now , is placing a very high value on the high quality or relevancy of it is search engines . Most importantly now that the company is open public property . To be able to maintain the shareholders or customers of its engines happy , the quality of the returned results are given extreme importance .

Due to this similar cause , doing the wrong things in the Adsense and other forms of advertisements , whether intentionally or unintentionally , will result in a severe penalty , may get you banned and even have your account terminated . Nothing like a good action taken to keep wrongdoers from doing the same things over again .

So for those who are thinking of getting a career in Adsense , do not just think of the strategies you will be using to generate more earnings . Consider some things first before you actually get involved .
Hidden texts . Filling your advertisement page with texts to small to read , has the same color as the background and using CSS for the sole purpose of loading them with rich keywords content and copy will earn you a penalty award that is given to those who are hiding links .

Page cloaking . There is a common practice of using browser or bot sniffers to serve the bots of a different page other than the page your visitors will see . Loading a page with a bot that a human user will never see is a definite no-no . This is tricking them to click on something that you want but they may not want to go to .
Multiple submissions . Submitting multiple copies of your domain and pages is another thing to stay away from . For example , trying to submit a URL of an Adsense as two separate URL’s is the same as inviting trouble and even termination . Likewise , this is a reason to avoid auto submitters for those who are receiving submissions . Better check first if your domain is submitted already an a certain search engine before you try to submit to it again . If you see it there , then move on . No point contemplating whether to try and submit there again .

Link farms . Be wary of who and what are you linking your Adsense to . The search engines know that you cannot control your links in . But you can certainly control what you link to . Link farming has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines , especially Google . That is reason enough to try and avoid them . Having a link higher than 100 on a single page will classify you as a link farm so try and not to make them higher than that .

Page rank for sale . If you have been online for quite some time , you will notice that there are some sites selling their PR links or trading them with other sites . If you are doing this , expect a ban any time in the future . It is okay to sell ads or gain the link . But doing it on direct advertisement of your page rank is a way to get on search engines bad side .

Doorways . This is similar to cloaking pages . The common practice of a page loaded with choice keyword ads aimed at redirecting visitors to another “user-friendly” page is a big issue among search engines . There are many seo firms offering this kind of services . Now that you know what they actually are , try to avoid them at all costs .

Multiple domains having the same content . In case you are not aware of it , search engines look at domains IP’s , registry dates and many others . Having multiple domains having the same exact content is not something you can hide from them . The same goes with content multiplied many times on separate pages , sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to the same content .

Many of the above techniques apply to most search engines and is not entirely for Google only . By having a mind set that you are building your Adsense together with your pages for the human users and not for bots , you can be assured of the great things for your ads and sites .

Not to mention avoiding the wrath of the search engines and getting your Adsense and site account terminated altogether.

Adsense Best Way To Make Money Online

The factor to success with Adsense is the putting of advertisements on web pages which are getting higher visitors for high demand keywords and phrases . The higher the cost-per-click to the advertiser , the more you will collect per click from your website . Undoubtedly , it does not pay to target lower cost-per-click key phrases or put them on web pages which do not get hits .
With all of the people getting online or clicking away daily , it is no wonder why Google Adsense has become an instant hit .
For many who are just a new comer to this market , it would be a blow to their pride knowing that their homepage is buried somewhere in the little ads promoting other people’s services . But then , when they get the idea that they are actually earning more money that way , all doubts and skepticism is laid to rest .
There are two major , and clever , factors that some successful webmaster and publishers are learning to blend together in order to make money easier using Adsense .
Placing Adsense links on pages that are producing little , or better yet , no profit . By placing Adsense on a free resources page , you will reduce the amount of potential customers being lost to other sites . Tricky , but effective nonetheless .
Targeting high traffic pages on your website . If you check on your logs , you will discover that many of your visitors are taking advantage of the free affiliate marketing resources and ebooks that you are offering on your site . In simple words , your ads are working effectively and are generating more clicks . It also means more money for you .
When learned to work effectively , these two factors are actually a good source of producing a minimal amount of revenue from a high traffic page . Many people are using this strategy to pick up some extra and cash with Adsense . This is also especially rewarding to informational sites that focus their efforts on delivering powerful affiliate link free content to their visitors . Now they can gain a monetary return on their services .
With the many techniques that people are now learning on how to make the easiest money by their Adsense , it is not surprising that Google is trying everything to update and polish their Adsense in order to maintain their good image .
The possibility of adding is 2nd tier in Adsense is not impossible . With all the people spending more time in their Adsense now and still more getting into this line of marketing , there is no doubt about the many new improvements yet to be made . Imagine the smiles on the faces of the webmasters and publishers all around the world if ever they sign up for sub-affiliates and double or even triple the amount that they are already earning .
The one particularly handy money-making feature that is available with Adsense now is the ability to filter out up to 200 urls . These gives webmasters the option to block out low value offers from their pages as well as competitors to their websites . Talk about taking only those that are advantageous and discarding the ones that seem “useless” .
With Google Adsense , the possibilities are limitless . Yet there is also the possibility of

Google Adsense Or Surfer

AdSense is a simple program to grasp : it's a fantastic way of an advertising bringing a number of advantages to everyone in the string . Of course , seeing the results it can have on a business people encourage this form of publicity .

For the browsing audience this is probably the most straightforward model available , because they can be directed to a lot of new sites they wouldn't have otherwise found . Needless to say , if you have an AdSense banner on your site , and a large number of visitors you'll know it offers a great financial benefit .

But why does it work for the people clicking the links , as opposed to a standard approach ?

It is aided by today's society . With bloggers and information based articles on the internet , people may be encouraged to complete purchases , which adsense can provide links to relevant suppliers whilst also benefiting the publisher .

And the good thing about this is that it works for site visitors as well . In fact Google realized that by pleasing the people who are looking for something , and directing them to what they need faster , everybody wins .

It is because of this that a lot of websites promote through AdSense in both content and search . They do it because they ultimately learned that it works for everyone .

If we look in the past , we can realize that this kind of publicity has a great impact over the people , especially in the last few years . When we enter on a web site and we see a graphical banner , our first idea is to cancel it out of our mind , because it's of no concern to us .

That's why traditional banner advertising is wrong . It's precisely because people are becoming savvy that they don’t look at a flashy banner because they think they'll be losing their time with it .

We've gotten accustomed to banners that don't interest us . And we're accustomed to them having nice graphics . So we naturally associate the two things and think that a banner with nice graphics has nothing to tell us .

But we might look at a text-ad because we've grown accustomed to them being targeted at what we're looking for . Basically these advertisements have marketed themselves into being looked at by any visitor .

This is a typical "no fluff , just stuff" situation . And in the end it means the visitors will see what they're interested in , not some random cool graphics you throw at them .

As stated above , site visitors adopt this advertising mechanism , because it is efficient in leading them to pages of interest and can offer ton of things they really want to see . Someone coming across an article on adsense was probably looking for shoes or doing research on shoes when they came across the article .

And most importantly for everyone , including visitors , this scheme can only improve as the process gets further refined to make ads more relevant to what you're looking for , not just a couple of keywords on a site .

Nowadays , it is because of AdSense that Internet surfers are looking after

How To Get Success In Adsense

In case you use Google's AdSense for even more and more period you start to understand the common mistakes of an earlier period , and you slowly start to understand which of your actions kept your website from attaining its complete potential .

But an important piece to making a mistake is telling people about it or educating them how to stay away from making the same mistake . So it is a bunch of the top 5 mistakes people using AdSense make .

You must read all of them well , or check if any one of them is applicable to your contents . If it is , you must stop and attempt to fix such errors as quickly as possible .

The first major no-no that everyone seems to be hitting at one point or another has to do with breaking the rules . Google's AdSense is a great program but it relies on you respecting a few set rules .

The most important thing is not to create "artificial clicks" through any means possible . Never click your own links , never ask your friends or close ones to click the links and never , by any means have your content encouraging the visitors to click the links . You run the risk of being permanently banned , and that will definitely damage your revenue .

Failing to comply with Google's terms could have your AdSense account suspended . And this is why this rule is by all means the most important one of all . It's because this is the difference between life or death .

The second thing users get wrong a lot of time is having a bad color palette for ads . Many times this happens because the publishers aren't knowledgeable enough to change default color palettes .

Others just can't seem to spend enough time in changing those defaults . Having bad ads that stand out is sure to push people away from clicking ; whilst having something which is clearly visible yet distinctive will .

Third , of course , the position of the ads is probably the key element you should get right if you want to maximize your profits with AdSense . This is noted in a lot of places on the web and Google talks about this as well . Google can provide you with statistics which illustrate what positions work particularly well on your website .

Fourthly , banner ads are also a very bad idea if you're using AdSense . 480x60 type ads are a sure way to drive many people away as most Internet surfers have developed a natural resistance to such means of advertising .

And last , but clearly not least , is not taking care of the site running the ads . Because ultimately it doesn't matter how cool the site is itself . If it doesn't have updated contents and a lot of daily visitors it will probably never earn you any serious AdSense revenues .

So these are the most important five things people get wrong while using the AdSense program . But of course if you don't like this means of expressing the issues , here are