ALL ABOUT ADSENSE: How To Apply For Program And Important Info On Paying Taxes In Adsense


How To Apply For Program And Important Info On Paying Taxes In Adsense

Trying to get a Google Adsense account is easy and quick for almost any interested webmaster . Following are quick steps for opening an google adsense account:

1) Just point your web browser to www .google .com/adsense or click on apply . 

2) Click on the drop down arrow under account type and select whether you’re an individual or business . 

3) If you’re not sure which one to choose , click on the question mark to the left . 

4) Next , select your country or territory .

5) Under website information , it asks for your primary URL . If you have your own website , list it here . If you are using a blogging site such as writingup .com or bloggingparty .com that URL goes here.

6) Select your website’s primary language : Google adsense supports Chinese ( simplified ) , Danish , Dutch , English , Finnish , French , German , Hungarian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , and Turkish .

7) Select the product you want on your pages . 

a)Adsense for Content means you will have advertising targeted to the content on your pages . For instance , if you write about flooring , you might have carpet ads on your page . 

b) Adsense for Search is for you to add a Google search box to your pages . To maximize your Google Adsense earnings , you will want to have both .

8)After that , it’s just the regular contact information and you’re all set . You should receive an email in 2 or 3 days letting you know if your application is approved .

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Google Adsense Earnings ?

Google Adsense is required to collect tax information from those who participate in the program . If you’re a business , you’ll need to put your EIN number on your application . If you’re an individual , all you’ll need is
your social security number . If you don’t have that information when you initially sign up , you can still apply for the Google Adsense program .

But be advised that Google Adsense will withhold payments to you until they receive your tax information . While Google does not withhold taxes or provide any tax advice , they will send you a 1099 once your earnings reach a certain amount . Of course , if you are a Non-US business and have no activity in the United States , you will not need to provide this information . For more tax information regarding the Google Adsense program , visit the Google Adsense Support website.